Spells and curses.

Spells and curses are a special kind of revenge that spells to someone wh really hurts your feelings. I know how powerful and hurting it is to be hurt and you feel like you should remove out your soul. This person used you and then later dumped. You this has left you with cracks on your soul but you can not show them. IT might have been a greater and bigger power. You can not fight because you are weak. You are strong. Of course, YOu are wise. You are worthy of all the good things in this world. You might not be powerful because not everyone should be powerful but your sorrows and agony are going to be justified.

Spells and curses that work.

All the tears they have made you too through are going to be washed away. Give me a call right now so that we begin the ritual practices. THERE are incantations and recitations you are going to speak so that everything backfires back to that person. HEe is going to pay for whatever thing they did to you. Thye deserve to pay for whatever bad thing they did to you and so you are going to get back at them. You will see that they get the same pain that the caused you.

How the spells and curses work.

This spells only applies to those who were wrongly punished in life and they ask for ther revenge.I ASSURE You will curse them but it’s in levels. You ask for what and how you want them to pay back. You will not regret the spell and do not afraid t is going to fire back, Just give me a call so that i give you the spell of a lifetime.

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