Famous Indian Astrologer in the UK :-

The astrology is basically the study of celestial bodies of space which is used to prepare the birth chart when the child is born. This chart is made for some of his future predictions from the help of time of birth and with that chart one has to know the Zodiac sign of that child. Who have whole information about this field and who can give an accurate reading of this service was known as Jyotish’s. But with the passage of time one who was Jyotish’s now he is known as the astrologer.
The astrology had entered in world 2nd millennium BCE at that time it was known as “Jyotishy”. The word astrology was originated from Latin word “Astrologia” which comes from Greek words  “ ἄστρον “ which means astron “ stars ” and “λογία “ means logia “accounting of stars “Due to this reason the astrology is the study of celestial bodies and master of this knowledge is known as an astrologer. But with the passage of time the astrology have become the field and many other things like Palm reading, Black magic, Vastu Shashtra, Numerology, love spells, break up spells, marriage spells, etc. And still the modernization is going on and now astrology is also part of science and now astrology in science is known as” pseudoscience “ . And not only this, but it have become the profession now so everyone can do this, call themselves an astrologer, but when it was started it was only performed by the Jyotish’s only. And with the passage of the time not only India but all other countries of the world had seen the magic of astrology and also had started to take the services of astrology from the astrologer’s to solve their problems, they especially come to India for their desired results. And among the whole world, Rome and UK are the countries who have given their full efforts to take the services of the astrologers.
As it is a profession now it has become the business and due this the astrology which were used for the well being of mankind is now just done for the business purpose but still there are many astrologers which belongs to the families of Jyotish’s The astrologer who belongs to the families of the Jyotish’s has started to give their services in every corner of the world with the help of improved science. And many people due to a financial problem they were not able to take their services and due to they were taught to help people with selfless services to the whole mankind. So, they taken the help of science to reach such people’s and some astrologer have given spectacular services in whole world and became the famous astrologer in that particular countries. Due to active participation of UK in this field that’s why more famous astrologers are present in UK.
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This is what astrology really means.

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